Funeral Options

Service Options

We are experienced in carrying out the full spectrum of religious and non-denominational services. Humanist or civil celebrants are available to advise and help with non-denominational funerals.

We believe times are changing from the traditional funeral and we are happy to accomodate any special requests you may have. We also provide a cremation only when a service is not required.

We also have experience in:

- Woodland Burials

- Horse-drawn Funeral

Motorcycle hearse

Land-rover hearse

Cremated Remains

The cremation procedure is very strictly regulated and great care is taken to ensure that ashes are kept separate from anyone else’s. Dealing with cremated remains is a very important part of the funeral rite, yet can often be overlooked.

There are many options available, including scattering in the crematorium gardens, burial in the local churchyard, cemetery or woodland site, burial or scattering in your own garden or special place, keeping the ashes at home or even scattering at sea. We have a range of ashes caskets and memento urns and can also advise on options for memorials, including plaques that can be placed with a tree or shrub.