Civil Service Funerals

Organising a funeral can be an upsetting time, so choosing the right sort of ceremony for your loved one is essential for making sure the day is as celebratory as possible.

If you’re looking for funeral directors in Evesham, at Martin Grinnell, we offer a range of funeral services and will work with you to provide a ceremony that will truly celebrate the life of your friend or family member.

If your loved one has lived their life without religion, a religious funeral will not feel right and won’t be the best way to reflect on their life. Our humanist funeral services ensure that the ceremony reflects the wishes of the family, is individual and will celebrate the deceased in a way they would want to be remembered.


What is a Humanist Funeral Service?

A humanist funeral service arranged by Evesham funeral directors, Martin Grinnell, will respect the life of the deceased and work to create a ceremony that reflects the personality of your loved one.

If the deceased was not a religious person, our humanist funeral services do not mention religion and will usually be led by a celebrant who will introduce the readers, music and guide the ceremony.

Your loved one does not necessarily need to have been a humanist to have a humanist funeral, it just means that the religious element of the service will be left and there will be more focus on the life and personality of your loved one.


What Happens in a Humanist Funeral Service?

Our humanist funeral directors in Evesham will work with friends and family to organise a service that is personal and special to the individual loved one, but typically, this is the running order of a humanist/civil service funeral.

  1. The chosen music will start to play as the service begins
  2. The celebrant will offer words of welcome, and will open with a reflection on life and death without the religious perspective
  3. A tribute will be read by either the celebrant or a family member that will talk about the life and character of the person who has died
  4. More readings are given by family and friends
  5. The celebrant will call for a moment of silence for reflection
  6. The coffin will be taken from view
  7. The celebrant will share some closing thoughts, and thanks guests for attending
  8. More music chosen by the family/friends will play as guests leave


Humanist Funeral with Martin Grinnell

As an independent funeral director, Martin Grinnell are proud to offer tailor made services and personalised funeral care in Evesham.

Whether it is a humanist funeral service you are looking for, or perhaps it is one of our religious services, get in contact today. Call 01386 422233 or email; we are happy to help you through this difficult time and aim to provide a funeral that will remember your loved one in the right way.